[chandler-users] Using Chandler successfully: events, notes, messages

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at bton.ac.uk
Tue May 19 11:30:16 PDT 2009

Owen-2 wrote:
> For me a note is a note; a task is a note that has been scheduled (ie
> given a date) and an event is a note that has been calendared (ie given a
> date, a start time and an end time).

If a scheduled item has a date but no time: 

• I treat it as a dated event. 

<https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12584> reminds me that
applications may treat a dated timeless event as an all-day event. 

If an item requires action on a certain date, but does not belong in the

• I set an alarm for that date.

> As an example, in RTM I created a task-list and planned a tentative
> project, task by task, without knowing when, I would actually be able to
> do it. These were all effectively notes, which I turned into tasks when I
> found a slot into which I could schedule the project.

For that type of activity: in Chandler I would probably create at least one
collection per project.

> From what you say I presume that you have little or no need of Chandler
> Desktop, other than checking the triage status of notes from time to time.

As a group, our use of Chandler Server is growing rapidly.

Personally, my use of Chandler Desktop is growing but for many actions (e.g.
duplication of events) I must use iCal.

Whilst iPhone OS is at 2.x, I recommend iCal to colleagues so that sync with
e.g. iPhone can be as good as possible. 

When iPhone OS reaches 3.0 it will communicate directly with Chandler Hub.

> If I understand you correctly you are using iCal to see your events and
> Sunbird et al as task list managers.

No, we're using iCal for events and tasks; 
using Lightning for events and tasks.

Also using Chandler Hub for events and tasks. 

For our purposes the iCal and Lightning interfaces to Chandler service are
less bugged than Chandler Desktop. 

Two or three people use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. No support for
CalDAV, so I don't encourage this.

Primarily: everyone in our group will have a Chandler Hub account with at
least one collection. Our 'admin den' have an overview of all such
collections; effectively, they have an overview of everyone's diaries.

Apart from me, only two people (two of three in our admin den) use Chandler

Ultimately: we'll have additional collections, for projects etc.. 

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