[chandler-users] Unscheduled Tasks, Views, Calendar Events & the Triage

Owen owen at owenkelly.net
Mon May 18 02:01:54 PDT 2009


Recently I raised the issue of unscheduled tasks not being sorted properly
("properly" here meaning in the way I expected them to be sorted). There was
a legitimate objection raised about my suggestion that unscheduled tasks
should sink to the bottom of the list. I now have another suggestion, which
I think might be more useful.

There are three types of view available from the icons at the top: All,
Starred (which used to be Tasks) and Calendar. In my view that is one too
few. In this arrangement unstarred notes simply get lost, since the only way
they can be seen is by looking through the All listing, where they are
successfully hidden.

If there was also an Unstarred View, which showed only non-calendar notes
that had NOT been starred (or, in the old jargon, had not been turned into
Tasks), then this could be used, among other things, for storing unscheduled

At the moment, if I do not star a note when it is created then it is
difficult to find it later. Having an option to view unstarred notes would
be very useful (to me at least).

On another, but related, topic: am I right that calendar events move from
Later to Now automatically but do not move from Now to Done automatically?
It seems from looking at my All view that this is so. Many recent calendar
events from last week are still marked as Now. If I am right then I think
that it is inconsistent and annoying, and greatly diminishes the value of
the All view. If I am not right then what am I doing wrong :)


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