[chandler-users] Unscheduled 'to do' lists

Owen owen at owenkelly.net
Wed May 13 12:36:51 PDT 2009

Fritz Meissner wrote:
There's a column between the Title and Date column which displays a clock
symbol if the note has been scheduled, a bell if it has an alarm and nothing
if it is not scheduled and has no alarm, so unscheduled notes are
distinguishable. I must admit that I had never noticed this before you asked
the question, so I must consider it, shall we say, an unobtrusive feature.
Clicking at the top of that column will sort the scheduled from unscheduled

Erm, no it doesn't. Or at least not in any useful or intuitive way.

I had seen that column when I was experimenting, and dismissed it after
trying to work out what it was for. I just went back and experimented with
it again. I clicked on Dashboard and then on Starred, and got a list of my
tasks. All of them displayed dates in the Date column, as I noted

Clicking on the triage column header sorts them into Now-Later-Done.
Clicking on the Date column and the column you are describing does exactly
the same thing. Both columns sort the entries by date and, in both cases,
where a date contains items with alarms and items without alarms, the items
with alarms appear first.

So, in a strictly legalistic sense, the scheduled and unscheduled items are
separated, but not in any fashion I can imagine anyone finding useful :)

What's more the Date column contains two logically different kinds of
entries (the date an unscheduled item was created and the date a scheduled
item's alarm is due to go off), and the sort mechanism treats them both as
equivalent. Sorting by either column produces a result that treats an
unscheduled item created on May 4 as coming after items scheduled to have
their alarms triggered on May 4 and before the items scheduled to have their
alarms triggered on May 5.

IMHO this is illogical and confusing, and not a way of separating the two in
any useful way. Or am I missing a vital trick or two here?


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