[chandler-users] Unscheduled 'to do' lists

Owen owen at owenkelly.net
Tue May 12 12:06:57 PDT 2009

Fritz Meissner wrote:

You can change a note to an event at any time -  click on the icon in the
note detail pane that looks like a clock and the start and end fields will
appear. So just enter all your unscheduled items as notes and add the dates
whenever required.

True, you can enter unscheduled items as notes. But when you look at the
notes in the dashboard they are marked with the creation date. Every note
appears to have a (creation or last modified) date associated with it.

Logically (imho) unscheduled notes should not display a date, and should
drop to the bottom of the list. That way they can be recognised and
analysed. If it is absolutely essential that Chandler shows a date for each
note then "Unscheduled" should appear as a section between Later and Done.

I am not saying that "Unscheduled" should be part of the triage, just that
notes that have not been scheduled should clearly appear, visibly, not to
have been scheduled. At the moment that isn't the case.


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