[chandler-users] Relationship to Lotus Agenda

John Silvoy jsilvoy at uga.edu
Fri May 8 09:09:07 PDT 2009


While it has been years since I worked with Agenda, I don't see the
relationship between Chandler and what I remember.  Maybe I am not
understanding the full scope of Chandler (documentation is rather sparse at
this point), but I don't see any parent-child relationship structures with
which to work or means of linking items.  For example, in Agenda, one could
develop a contact list and a to-do list and if a person's name from the
contact list was in the to-do list, they would be linked and contact
information could be obtained within the to-do list, or at least that is the
way I remember it.  I played with Chandler a few times on separate
occasions, but  came away with an impression that it was basically a
calendaring application.  Please set me straight and provide more explicit
instructions on linking events with notes, etc. if I am wrong.


What I am wanting to do is research project management where data, events,
documents, pictures and associated people can be stored and retrieved and
have them cross-linked.  For example, if I have 10 field projects in 15
locations and would like to find out in which locations a particular
activity has occurred.  Or look at the activities or email associated with
one project.  Since I don't have the resources to develop a database which
would meet my needs, I need something flexible like Agenda.


John Silvoy

UGA CPES Horticulture

4604 Research Way

Tifton, GA  31793

Office:  229.386.3900

Mobile:  229.848.2733


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