[chandler-users] Tickler alarms do not sync

Davor Cubranic davor.cubranic at alumni.cs.ubc.ca
Fri May 8 21:35:25 PDT 2009

You have to explicitly turn on syncing of alarms. Right click on the 
collection in the collections view, and enable sharing of "Alarms". By 
default only the triage and event status are shared.


On Friday 08 May 2009 00:56:26 Owen wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a new user, and I will post more about that soon. Suffice it to
> say for the moment that I was drawn to Chandler by
> 1. its desktop/web combination
> 2. its workflow model, in which everything is a note, and events are
> just notes with start and end times. (This is the key factor for me.)
> I am using Chandler on 3 computers: my work laptop, my personal
> netbook (currently an eeePC 900 running Ubuntu), and my home desktop.
> Obviously I need to keep them in sync. Yesterday I realised that
> syncing does not appear to include syncing the information about
> custom alarms. I set a custom alarm for a note on my work laptop,
> sync Chandler; open my netbook, sync Chandler; and the result is that
> the note appears on the netbook with no alarm set. I tested this last
> night on my home computer and the result was the same.
> Is this a bug (in which case IMHO it is a serious one since it causes
> chaos in the workflow), or is it a feature (in which case I have
> missed something important in trying to figure out how to use
> Chandler properly)?
> I am using the tickler alarm to set dates for tasks (or hoping to). I
> set "Buy daughter birthday present" as Later and then add an alarm
> one week before her birthday so that it automatically becomes a Now
> task. This means that I will have it brought to my attention. If I
> have to be certain that I am using the same computer that I used to
> set the alarm, though, this feature is useless for me.
> Is there another (a better) way to achieve this effect in Chandler?
> Or is this a hub-bug that is currently preventing me from doing what
> I should be doing?
> Cheers
> Owen

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