[chandler-users] Tickler alarms do not sync

Owen owen at owenkelly.net
Fri May 8 00:56:26 PDT 2009


I am a new user, and I will post more about that soon. Suffice it to say for
the moment that I was drawn to Chandler by

1. its desktop/web combination
2. its workflow model, in which everything is a note, and events are just
notes with start and end times. (This is the key factor for me.)

I am using Chandler on 3 computers: my work laptop, my personal netbook
(currently an eeePC 900 running Ubuntu), and my home desktop. Obviously I
need to keep them in sync. Yesterday I realised that syncing does not appear
to include syncing the information about custom alarms. I set a custom alarm
for a note on my work laptop, sync Chandler; open my netbook, sync Chandler;
and the result is that the note appears on the netbook with no alarm set. I
tested this last night on my home computer and the result was the same.

Is this a bug (in which case IMHO it is a serious one since it causes chaos
in the workflow), or is it a feature (in which case I have missed something
important in trying to figure out how to use Chandler properly)?

I am using the tickler alarm to set dates for tasks (or hoping to). I set
"Buy daughter birthday present" as Later and then add an alarm one week
before her birthday so that it automatically becomes a Now task. This means
that I will have it brought to my attention. If I have to be certain that I
am using the same computer that I used to set the alarm, though, this
feature is useless for me.

Is there another (a better) way to achieve this effect in Chandler? Or is
this a hub-bug that is currently preventing me from doing what I should be


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