[chandler-users] Hub "status 400" bugs

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Mon May 4 13:20:01 PDT 2009

A variety of people have reported the distressing problems with Hub throwing 
400 errors and similar looking errors.  The most recent report was bug #12795, 
which contains a set of reproduction steps.  I tried following these steps, 
but those steps don't trigger the bug for me.

I've tried a few times to try to track down this bug, but haven't been able to 
reproduce it.  If anyone else has steps they can reproduce, I'd love to hear 
them so I can reproduce.  Without reproduction steps, any fixes I attempt will 
just be swatting blindly at the problem.  Though I know there will be people 
willing to help confirm any fixes I do try to put into place.

Note, I'm not claiming all the "status 400" bugs are the same, just that they 
look somewhat similar (not surprising since Cosmo has a standard error 
reporting system) and that they started at around the same time.

I think Graham has by far the best grasp on the spectrum of these related 
errors as he's been tracking bugzilla carefully and following up to new bug 
reports like these.

The current plans for this category of bug are this:

1) Change Java VMs.  I don't think this is the problem, but previous Cosmo 
devs have suggested it and it's a relatively low-hassle thing to try.

2) Get a volunteer to see if the bug can be reproduced in a "snapshot" test 

3) Scratch my head to see if there's some way to identify what's different 
between my account and accounts that are experiencing these problems.

4) Revert Hub to a release prior to the last update.  This will lose the 
"email reports" feature and a couple other changes pushed in the last release, 
but will hopefully fix these reversions.

-- Jared

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