[chandler-users] Hi from a new user and some questions

Bart Volgers bart at volgers.eu
Sun Jan 18 04:50:09 PST 2009


I ran into chandler and like the ideas implemented.

When I started using chandler I discovered some issues I like to  
bring to your attention.

Chandler doesn't follow my mac's date view. Over here in Europe we  
have the date view dd-mm-yy not mm/dd/yy
This is a important point if you like chandler being adopted also by  
European user this should fixed. Chandler should flow the OS X date  
preferences from system preferences. Many apps do why doesn't Chandler?

To my big surprise and big disappointment chandlers e-mail function  
doesn't suport autofill from my OS X address book. This is a huge  
caviate. I hope this is already on your roadmap with a high priority.  
Really this just should work like in mail.app from OS X.

It's strange that a lot of things that usually goes in the pref panel  
is arranges in different locations in drop-down menus  and other  
panels. (like the e-mail configuration) If you like to get a lot of  
Mac users adopting chandler you really should follow this. Mac user  
really like that applications behave like in a unified way and that  
preferences of a app are grouped in the pref pannel Have a look at  
mail.app Safari and the like.

Certificates. having a own certificate store really makes no sense at  
all when working on OS X. Mac has it's own certificate store in  
keychain. Having a other application with it's own certificate store  
is a pain in the ass. FireFox does and really it's dreadful and ever  
mac user using certificates dislikes this on FireFox. Please don't  
take the same road in the end Mac users will despise your  
application. Just invest time and effort to get things right using  
keychain it will be a burden less for your app developers and for the  
Mac users of chandler.

Having tested your application for about two hours and finding the  
above described drawbacks. I come to the conclusion chandler has  
still some major issues that developers should take care of before  
chandler comes to maturity.

I hope my comment will be helpful in developing chandler. I will keep  
track of future developments. And hope this promising app will come  
to maturety soon.

Regards, Bart

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