[chandler-users] Bug in Chandler 1.0.2 HELP!

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Thu Jan 22 10:14:42 PST 2009

Hi Alison,

When you unsubscribe and then re-subscribe, do you also delete the  
collection and its contents from your Chandler Desktop?

I think that might be the problem.

1. Select the Holidays collection and then go to Share>>Unsubscribe  
to unsubscribe to your collection.
2. Then right-click on the collection to Delete it. (Delete the  
collection and all of the items in it.)
3. Empty your trash. (Collection>>Empty Trash)

Now your Chandler Desktop repository should be purged of all items  
from the Holiday collection.

4. Go to Share>>Subscribe... to re-subscribe to the Holidays  
collection using the /pim/ URL below. (Don't add the collection to  
your Dashboard.)

I have a suspicion that including the Holidays collection in the  
Dashboard might be what's causing events to get stuck in NOW.

Do you still see Holiday events in the NOW section?


On Jan 22, 2009, at 12:55 PM, Alison Moore Smith wrote:

> Hi Mimi:
>> 1. Is your Holidays calendar in Chandler Desktop included in your  
>> Dashboard collection?
> Yes
>> 2. Is the URL you used to subscribe to the Holidays calendar in  
>> Chandler Desktop the same as the one I gave you to subscribe on  
>> Chandler Hub? https://hub.chandlerproject.org/pim/collection/ 
>> 7febe2f4-324c-11dd-d9e4-0016cbca6aed?ticket=01q75n1sy0
> No, this is what I have, below. Should I change that? I've unsubbed  
> and resubbed each time you asked me.
> https://hub.chandlerproject.org/mc/collection/7febe2f4-324c-11dd- 
> d9e4-0016cbca6aed?ticket=01q75n1sy0
> Thanks for the help,
> Alison

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