[chandler-users] Bug in Chandler 1.0.2 HELP!

Rob Stearn robstearn at me.com
Sat Jan 17 15:41:16 PST 2009

Hey Alison,
Not helpful to fix where you are now,but I found after going through  
the same issues that I create all my collections on the hub and then  
sync them down to the app. The mac version of desktop is unstable  
really so I insure against it with hub as the master.

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On 17 Jan 2009, at 23:36, Alison Moore Smith  
<lists at alisonmooresmith.org> wrote:

> After doing the control-launch thing as per the last email, I can't  
> open Chandler at all. Trying to launch it just give the same error  
> message and then it quits. I downloaded a new version of Chandler  
> and tried to launch it (thinking I could import my data), but it  
> won't start either. Same error message.
> The problem is...my entire life is in that program and I have no  
> idea what I'm supposed to be doing without it. (Apparently not a  
> smart move.)
> On Jan 14, 2009, at 2:27 PM, Mimi Yin wrote:
>> When you click on the link I provided below, do you see an "ADD TO  
>> MY ACCOUNT" link in the upper left-hand corner?
>> https://hub.chandlerproject.org/pim/collection/7febe2f4-324c-11dd-d9e4-0016cbca6aed?ticket=01q75n1sy0
> Yes.
>> If you do, click on that to "subscribe" to the collection, which  
>> will in turn add it to your Hub account.
> Done. Now I have subscribed in the Hub and I see all the holidays in  
> the Hub. The next holiday listed is "Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  
> Nothing seems to be stuck in the Hub.
>> (Let's try to get through this issue and then tackle the drag and  
>> drop issue separately. Are you able to restart Chandler normally  
>> and see all your data?)
> OK, as per above, no. I can't start Chandler now that the error  
> recurs.
> Thanks for your help,
> Alison
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