[chandler-users] Occasional problems with mail software (not an issue with Nabble)

Sam Bisbee sbisbee at computervip.com
Sun Jan 11 09:16:47 PST 2009

Graham Perrin wrote:
> Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
>> something about Nabble (which he's using to post) that's making it hard
>> for me to follow this group. Nabble seems to break email threading
> 1. I often make the subject line of a message suit the text of the message

This can be very annoying, because it breaks the "thread-ness" of 
mailing list threads. It's much easier to follow a thread or know what's 
going on if the subject line is consistent. Also, some e-mail and 
mailing list archiving software won't consider the two e-mails part of 
the same thread - no good.

Changing the subject line of a thread should really only be done when 
the thread has forked. For example, "[chandler-users] Occasional 
problems with mail software (was: Nabble breaks mail threading)".

Just a useful tip, especially if you start posting on mailing lists that 
are patrolled by traditionalists.

Sam Bisbee

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