[chandler-users] Basic question: note vs. Calendar

siemsen at ucar.edu siemsen at ucar.edu
Thu Jan 8 16:21:58 PST 2009

Suppose I click on Chandler's "All" icon in the upper left and then  
type "test 9:00pm" into the Quick-entry Bar.  Chandler creates a LATER  
item, with for "Today 9:00 PM".  Cool.  Then I go into the detail  
window and manually delete the now-redundant " 9:00pm" clutter (others  
have complained about this, no need to more whine here).  Then I click  
on the "Calendar" icon in the top menubar.  At this point, I expect to  
see the thing that I created, at the time/date that I gave.  No luck.   
So I click the "add to Calendar" (why do I have to do this?) and I can  
then see it on the Calendar on the right date, but the time-of-day  
part is blank, and it's at the very top of the day.  I don't get it.

-- Pete

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