[chandler-users] chandler and google calendar?

jeffery.nunes jeffery.nunes at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 11:00:12 PST 2009


my apologies.  i've been out of the loop for a long time...  i've had  
chandler for a long time but put it away since i wasn't able to use it  
with google calendar...   so i'm still using iCal on my computers with  
google until eventually i can use chandler with google...

i've checked some of the documentation on chandlerproject again  
today...  i'm confused about how to do 2-way sharing, if possible,  
between chandler and google calendar...

the chandler instructions still say that subscribing to a gcal is read  
"Note Currently Chandler does not support 2-way syncing with Google  

however i saw a notice that google has partially implement calDev and  
is a method for access... i checked google help and found that they  
use a script that configures iCal instead of actually telling us how  
to configure it...  the script seems to have worked with iCal on 1 of  
my computers...  i haven't used the calendar yet to know how well yet...

is there some other place i should be looking for documentation about  
whether or how to use chandler with google calendar?

thanks for any suggestions...

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