[chandler-users] Bug in Chandler 1.0.2

Alison Moore Smith lists at alisonmooresmith.org
Mon Jan 5 12:20:21 PST 2009

Mimi thanks for responding!

> Are you subscribed to the holiday calendar in your Chandler Hub  
> account as well? If not, can you do so and tell me if the same  
> events are stuck in NOW on Chandler Hub as well?

I can't figure out how to subscribe to something in the hub. :/ The  
things I've tried haven't worked. And searching for subscribe in the  
online help gives me lots of unrelated info.  I'll try it once I know  

To date Veteran's Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day are stuck.

> The dragging and dropping problems are strange. It's usually a  
> performance-related issue, but you're now on an Intel Mac. Can you  
> tell me what steps you took to move from PPC to Intel? Did you  
> download a new version of Chandler? Or move your old versions of  
> Chandler between computers?

Yes, we downloaded a new version. Interestingly, today the dragging  
and dropping worked fine with no changes at all to Chandler or  
anything else. I can do it in the dashboard and also in the calendar  
without crashing.

Thanks for your help,


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