[chandler-users] Best way to keep 2 workstations in sync

Tony Hacche agh at nosc.ja.net
Mon Feb 23 02:40:37 PST 2009


Thanks for the reply ...

> Just subscribe to those collections from the desktop on each  
> computer involved. See the Getting started Guide http://chandlerproject.org/Projects/GetStarted#Share%20Collections 
>  . I currently have my data synced between Windows XP at home and  
> work, Ubuntu 9.04 at home and my Asus Aspire One running Linux and  
> it works fine.

I created the collections on my work Chandler Desktop and then  
published them on my Chandler Hub. Does this make a difference or can  
I just subscribe to them on my home Chandler Desktop and then they all  
are able to sync?

Also, what happens to alarms for notes? I notice in Chandler Hub that  
you do not appear to be able to set and alarms for a note. If I set an  
alarm for a note on my work Chandler Desktop, sync it to my Chandler  
Hub and then with my home Chandler Desktop, is the alarm preserved  
during the process so that it appears on my home Chandler Desktop?



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