[chandler-users] Precondition Failure when syncing ICS files from webDAV share

Edward Rudd erudd at netfor.com
Thu Feb 19 08:38:59 PST 2009

Mimi Yin wrote:
> Hi Edward,
> There isn't a preference for making collections read-only.
> Quick question, does the "Precondition Failed" error prevent you from  
> pulling down changes from the server?

It seemed to, yes.   as I have 3 subscriptions off that share that show
this error, and 2 off of a HUB account.  and NONE of my calendars synced
over the weekend.  I tried manually syncing (to push updates to the hub)
and it refused to.   Then I disabled syncing on the three subscribed
calendars w/ the 421 error and it has been syncing find every hour since
(I enabled the sharing activity calendar).  Now, what I can't recall is
if I restarted chandler after I disabled the syncing on those 3 calendars.

I just re-enabled syncing on them to see if they will work again, or
block syncing.

> On Feb 17, 2009, at 10:13 AM, Edward Rudd wrote:
>> OK.
>> Something similar has been posted about this, but they were wanting to
>> push the changes, I, however, Do NOT.
>> Basic scenario is this.  "Several people" in the company wish to use
>> Outlook and Exchange, and have their calendars published to a webdav
>> share we've setup for internal use (so the *rest* of us can  
>> actually get
>> access to the calendars)
>> I want Chandler to pull these calendars and NOT try to push them.. But
>> since Chandler identified the share as "writable" it tries to push the
>> calendars every time it syncs and failures with the "Precondition  
>> Failed
>> (HTTP status 412)" error.
>> Is there anyway to tell Chandler it is a READ-ONLY calendar????   
>> Should
>> i file this in the bug system as an enhancement??
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