[chandler-users] subscription to Google calendar does nothing

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Wed Feb 18 16:03:46 PST 2009

Hi Jim,

It is possible that your wife's co-worker only shared the calendar  
with a specific list of people. In order for Google Calendar sharing  
to work with Chandler, the person who created the calendar must make  
it "publicly accessible".

Does that sound plausible?


On Feb 17, 2009, at 7:36 PM, Jim Philips wrote:

> I'm using Chandler 1.0.2 on Ubuntu Intrepid. I'm able to subscribe  
> to my own calendar and see events. However, my wife has a calendar  
> that is her work schedule and when I subscribe to it, I see  
> nothing. This is a calendat that someone else shares with her, but  
> it is perfectly visible within her accounts and I can see the Ical  
> address in the settings window. Could it be a problem that the  
> calendar is not hers? The Google settings page indicates that free/ 
> busy information can be shared. I am subscribing in the normal way  
> by just going:
> Share-->Subscribe
> And pasting in the URL for the Ical file of this calendar.
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