[chandler-users] subscription to Google calendar does nothing

Jim Philips briarpatch.jim at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 16:36:40 PST 2009

I'm using Chandler 1.0.2 on Ubuntu Intrepid. I'm able to subscribe to my own
calendar and see events. However, my wife has a calendar that is her work
schedule and when I subscribe to it, I see nothing. This is a calendat that
someone else shares with her, but it is perfectly visible within her
accounts and I can see the Ical address in the settings window. Could it be
a problem that the calendar is not hers? The Google settings page indicates
that free/busy information can be shared. I am subscribing in the normal way
by just going:


And pasting in the URL for the Ical file of this calendar.
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