[chandler-users] Precondition Failure when syncing ICS files from webDAV share

Edward Rudd erudd at netfor.com
Tue Feb 17 07:13:54 PST 2009


Something similar has been posted about this, but they were wanting to
push the changes, I, however, Do NOT.

Basic scenario is this.  "Several people" in the company wish to use
Outlook and Exchange, and have their calendars published to a webdav
share we've setup for internal use (so the *rest* of us can actually get
access to the calendars)

I want Chandler to pull these calendars and NOT try to push them.. But
since Chandler identified the share as "writable" it tries to push the
calendars every time it syncs and failures with the "Precondition Failed
(HTTP status 412)" error.

Is there anyway to tell Chandler it is a READ-ONLY calendar????  Should
i file this in the bug system as an enhancement??

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