[chandler-users] Question about task entries

Davor Cubranic cubranic at cs.ubc.ca
Thu Feb 12 15:33:31 PST 2009

When you say "I enter a task", what exactly did you do?

Chandler doesn't have a hard-wired notion of a task -- they can be what
you choose them to be. Having said that, the "starred" item is probably
the closest and most often used indicator of a "to do" item. (And it
doesn't have to have an attached date.)

Try this with one of your tasks: find it in the list view, then
right-click on it and choose "star item" and then "remove from
calendar". These two functions are also available by clicking on the
buttons/indicators at the top of the detail view

Once you do this, you can see only your tasks by clicking "Starred" in
the toolbar. If you want to make a task due on a certain day and appear
in the calendar, just choose "add to calendar" and enter the right start
and end date/time. (Or, alternatively, use alarms, but then the item
will only be pushed up in the list view and won't appear in the


On Sun, 4 Jan 2009, Anatole Alexander wrote:

> I noticed that whenever I enter any task, there is always an associated date with that task.  This gets a bit inconvenient cause I may have tasks that are the end of the 'now' list that may just end up slipping till tomorrow or later, and then they say "Due yesterday".  Is there a way to set up a task without a due date?
> Thanks.
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