[chandler-users] Uninstall to add new version

Davor Cubranic cubranic at cs.ubc.ca
Thu Feb 12 15:26:07 PST 2009

On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Michael D. Horlick wrote:

> When I tried to put on the new version, I was told I had to manually
> uninstall my current version. Does this mean that I will lose my data
> files? If so, how to I prevent this?

You won't, if there is an up-to-date backup.chex file in your Chandler
directory. I think Chandler's default is to update that file when you
quit. Can someone on the list confirm this, please?

Alternatively, you can test this: quit chandler, then search for
backup.chex, and check its modification time.

> Will the new version allow me to print the contents of each Collection
> to be sure that I don't completely lose everything when I uninstall?

No. There are no new printing features in 1.0.3.


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