[chandler-users] Moderator for chandler-users needed

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Mon Feb 9 23:19:45 PST 2009

I'm about to approve a wide variety of messages sent to chandler-users 
which have been caught in the moderation queue and thus never seen on 
the list.

The chandler-users list uses a configuration that allows anyone to post 
to the list, but if they aren't an existing member or previously 
approved, their message is held for moderation.  This was a compromise 
configuration used as we set up chandler-users for user support coming 
up to the Preview release.

Sometime in the last couple months, whoever was moderating the list 
stopped doing so, and we're not actually sure who was doing it before. 
This is bad because new people send to the list and never get any answers.

Apologies for any duplicated messages sent to the list because of my 
processing the backlog.

Someday, we'll get back to moving support to a web forum or combined 
system, but in the mean time, we either need an active moderator or to 
close the list to non-subscribers so messages don't just vanish. 
Moderation involves getting notices of when new messages are held.  You 
then use a web UI to either trash the message (generally because of 
spam) or approve the message (in which case it gets forwarded to the list).

I'm not personally willing to moderate the list as I'm not active enough 
here and unfortunately have enough other OSAF/Chandler-related 
administrative tasks I manage.


-- Jared

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