[chandler-users] Easy? And interesting feature to add? (Jos Yule)

Johan Pretorius pretoriusjf at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 19:43:52 PST 2009

I agree that linking notes to each other in this fashion may be useful - but
Francois, wouldn't you be abusing Chandler a little bit if you used the hash
codes as references in your paper notes?  It breaks the paradigm of keeping
all your notes in one place - hence introducing the possibility of losing
notes, or getting confused between which version of a note is the more
current one (shouldn't be a problem for the average human, except if you had
a really large amount of notes - and except that it makes you inefficient,
because you have to sit there and figure it out.  This is why you have a
note-taking system in the first place.)

Would it not be more useful and safe to have the option of printing out your
items and just editing the printout by hand - then feed your edits into
Chandler and discard the page, so the paper is strictly temporary?

Or am I missing a use case?


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> Hey, sorry to hear you had problems with sync'ing your email! I wish i
> has a quick/easy solution for you...
> Re: ID's and the like. There has been requests to allow one to "link"
> one note to another note. Some suggestions have been to have some kind
> of human readable Hash (note id: 1X3B), which you could then use like a
> URL to link to a note with that id ( http://1X3B). This could be
> extended to Collections too, where each collection would have an ID,
> which you could then use as you write about below.
> j
> Fran?ois Bernard-Thibault wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've been using chandler for a while , and I unfortunately stop using it
> > because of a lack of discipline and because I did the mistake to sync it
> > with my several thousand emails on google mail.  It was so slow to start
> > it that I was resisting using it.  I flushed the database , but
> > unfortunately, when I synced again with the chandlerhub, I realized that
> > all my record was synced with it too?  . Well when I close it, I that
> > there is about 5000 records in the database.  How can I see what is in
> > this database and/or clean it?
> >
> > About the feature that would be interesting, is to be able to see the
> > ID, if there is any, of anything I add to my Collections . The idea
> > behind this is that when I take paper notes, I could write the ID on the
> > paper, so I know that it is on chandler.  (and If I read it a week later
> > and that my note is not clear, I can refer to it easily on the more
> > complete version on chandler.)
> >
> > btw, my english is not perfect, if anything isn't clear, just ask...
> >
> > Frank
> >
> --
> Jos Yule
> Digital Hyakugei
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