[chandler-users] Groundhog Day stays in Now list

Jos Yule lists at theorganization.net
Sun Feb 8 07:23:16 PST 2009

Here is Mimi's solution to a similar problem with New Years - this might 
help you too.

Hi Mark,

I've been triaging the events manually on the Holiday collection when
they don't go away on their own. Try syncing that collection
individually by right-clicking on the collection name.

If that still doesn't work, try deleting and unsubscribing to it and
re-subscribe with this URL instead:


ChasPSmith at aol.com wrote:
> can't get rid of it, can't mark it done.  Not a real big problem, but I 
> would like to deal with it.

Jos Yule
Digital Hyakugei

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