[chandler-users] Easy? And interesting feature to add?

Jos Yule lists at theorganization.net
Sun Feb 8 07:20:58 PST 2009

Hey, sorry to hear you had problems with sync'ing your email! I wish i 
has a quick/easy solution for you...

Re: ID's and the like. There has been requests to allow one to "link" 
one note to another note. Some suggestions have been to have some kind 
of human readable Hash (note id: 1X3B), which you could then use like a 
URL to link to a note with that id ( http://1X3B). This could be 
extended to Collections too, where each collection would have an ID, 
which you could then use as you write about below.


François Bernard-Thibault wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using chandler for a while , and I unfortunately stop using it 
> because of a lack of discipline and because I did the mistake to sync it 
> with my several thousand emails on google mail.  It was so slow to start 
> it that I was resisting using it.  I flushed the database , but 
> unfortunately, when I synced again with the chandlerhub, I realized that 
> all my record was synced with it too?  . Well when I close it, I that 
> there is about 5000 records in the database.  How can I see what is in 
> this database and/or clean it?
> About the feature that would be interesting, is to be able to see the 
> ID, if there is any, of anything I add to my Collections . The idea 
> behind this is that when I take paper notes, I could write the ID on the 
> paper, so I know that it is on chandler.  (and If I read it a week later 
> and that my note is not clear, I can refer to it easily on the more 
> complete version on chandler.)
> btw, my english is not perfect, if anything isn't clear, just ask...
> Frank
Jos Yule
Digital Hyakugei

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