[chandler-users] Easy? And interesting feature to add?

François Bernard-Thibault fthibault at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 12:33:45 PST 2009

I've been using chandler for a while , and I unfortunately stop using it
because of a lack of discipline and because I did the mistake to sync it
with my several thousand emails on google mail.  It was so slow to start it
that I was resisting using it.  I flushed the database , but unfortunately,
when I synced again with the chandlerhub, I realized that all my record was
synced with it too?  . Well when I close it, I that there is about 5000
records in the database.  How can I see what is in this database and/or
clean it?

About the feature that would be interesting, is to be able to see the ID, if
there is any, of anything I add to my Collections . The idea behind this is
that when I take paper notes, I could write the ID on the paper, so I know
that it is on chandler.  (and If I read it a week later and that my note is
not clear, I can refer to it easily on the more complete version on

btw, my english is not perfect, if anything isn't clear, just ask...


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> can't get rid of it, can't mark it done.  Not a real big problem, but  I
> would like to deal with it.
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