[chandler-users] Sync error (again)

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Mon Sep 22 14:43:44 PDT 2008

Hi Adam,

> After resetting my collections (remove and re publish) I had my on
> the move Collection ‘iPhone’ collectionwhich I believe was working
> fine for a few days, until I sent a added a ouple of tasks and made
> minor changes the error then appeared on this collection.
> I did not do much - I added 2 tasks to 'iPhone' collection from QE
> app on iPhone and edited them both on desktop, moving and removing
> one from the collection (not delete), no pending changes - then I
> noticed the warning triangle,  I made some changes to other
> collections and sync'd to a laptop during the day too.
> Could one of my databases (on my 3 macs) be corrupting the sync ? 
> Could upload problems cause a sync error ?  - if sync fails during
> upload could this break a collection ? Once the Sync error happens on
> one desktop it eventually follows onto them all.

I've figured out what's going on, it's bug 12381.  I should have a patch
for you today that will fix the problem.  It turns out there was a
subtle incompatibility between the desktop and the iPhone Quick Entry



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