[chandler-users] Pending Changes & Sync error

Procter A. adam.procter at soton.ac.uk
Mon Sep 15 11:27:16 PDT 2008

1. Can someone explain the pending changes and why I sometimes get this, sometimes I don't see these pending changes for weeks, I just sorted by the little dot and cleaned a load up (hopefully did not lose or change to something odd) I also noticed that you may have a task in two collections and say collection A and collection B  - you remove task from Collection B, then when looking at it in Collection A you see the pending changes and the change is Task was removed from Collection but it does not tell you it was Collection B that it was removed from and so you get nervous about what is going to happen.

2. I seem to have 2 collections that are now little warning dashboardicon ( should they be called dashboardicons ?)  triangles for sync error ?
I don't know why this has happened - I am guessing Ill just remove and publish again , as re syncing has not worked, however I did not notice this for a while and so I am concerned that changes I made on the move or on another desktop are going to be lost as they are still on one mac waiting to sync correctly.


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