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Sherry D. Ramsey sdramsey at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 27 17:01:05 PST 2008

Hi folks,


I've just been using Chandler for a week or so but already I find it


The only issue I've had is that sometimes when I load it for the first time
in the morning, items previously marked DONE are back in the NOW state.
This is after changes have been saved on the previous run and the program
has had ample time to shut down properly.


For instance, when I loaded Chandler this morning, an item that is repeating
for every day of November (and that has been changed to the DONE state at
the end of every day for that day) was now back in the NOW state for every
day of the month.  


Am I missing something or doing something wrong?


Thanks for any help,



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