[chandler-users] Funambol opensource SyncML server

Andrew Tong amwt at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 23 16:55:35 PST 2008

I have been testing the opensource SyncML server Funambol Forge from https://www.forge.funambol.org/. Like the Cosmo server, it also runs on Tomcat on Java. So far I have been using Tunambol's Thunderbird/Lightning and iPhone client to sync contacts. Calendar sync is not yet supported on iPhones. Eventually I would like it support group contacts and calendar sync for a small team of users, between Chandler, Thunderbird/Lightning, iPhone and other SyncML able mobile devices, using a combination of Cosmo and Funambol servers.

Until Cosmo and Funabol servers can shall data more natively, I am wondering if we can use Lightning as a bridge via CalDAV.

I have Cosmo running on the latest JDK for Windows. But as soon as I launch Funambol, which has it's own bundled Tomcat and JRE directories, Cosmo would terminate. I have tried forcing Funambol to use the same primary JVM as Cosmo, same result.



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