[chandler-users] Formatted text?

Jos Yule lists at theorganization.net
Sun Nov 16 04:14:18 PST 2008

Not debated. But discussed. I think, feature-wise, Chandler 1.x is  
done. We should be looking at the next gen version for any new UI  

And things there are still in the very early stages. But it never  
hurts to discuss possible features.

Jos Yule
Digital Hyakugei
via the 'pod

On Nov 16, 2008, at 5:40 AM, Pascal Sartoretti  
<pascal at sartoretti.name> wrote:

> On Nov 16, 2008, at 00:44 , Jos Yule wrote:
>> The ability to have rich text in the note field has been requested  
>> many times.
> Yes, but how badly do we need this? Chandler should help its users  
> on focusing on what is really important, i.e. more on the content  
> and less on the form...
> On the other hand, I sometimes make simple spreadsheet files instead  
> of notes just because I need to write things in a multi-column  
> table, which notes do not support. For this, it would be great for  
> Chandler to support simple HTML content, just to have tables (but  
> not a full-fledged spreadsheet). Has it been debated before?
> Pascal

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