[chandler-users] First Meeting of New OSAF Board

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue Nov 11 14:07:10 PST 2008

Hi Delphine (and Andre),

Not sure if you saw this, but Sheila sent out a proposal for the  
first meeting of the new OSAF Board (which is scheduled or the end of  
next week - Th/Fri).

This is the meeting I thought might be a good opportunity to pull  
together a first try at a "State of User Community" Report.

Perhaps just a high level summary of recent hot topics and trends in  
participation levels (using markmail's graphs?). Any thoughts?


On Nov 7, 2008, at 3:05 PM, Sheila Mooney wrote:

> As a follow-up to the update on the blog post that went out this  
> week (http://blog.chandlerproject.org/2008/11/04/osaf-board-changes- 
> and-project-next-steps/), OSAF is planning an offsite for November  
> 20th and 21st.  This is an opportunity for the new board of  
> directors to meet in person and the remaining OSAF staffers to talk  
> cover a wide range of topics relating to our transition to an all- 
> volunteer organization. We will be sending out a number of  
> summaries to the list afterwards.
> We don't have a set agenda although we do have some items we need  
> to cover.  As part of our official board meeting I will be going  
> over the status on logistics, administrative issues as well as our  
> budget. We will also talk about what kind of role the board will  
> play and potential projects we can take on. In addition to the  
> board items, we will also get a detailed update on the architecture  
> roadmap and a "state of the user community report".
> We expect most of the time will be spent on covering a bunch of  
> issues and possible decisions we need to make once the project is  
> fully volunteer. I wanted to throw out a list of topics that have  
> come up through brainstorming so far. This is by no means an  
> exhaustive list, nor will we be able to cover everything in 2 days.  
> It's meant to give us a start so we can craft an appropriate agenda  
> and get to the stuff that's most important. I would like to hear  
> ideas, comments feedback about other items we should be thinking  
> about.
> At a high level we have a number of strategic areas that we want to  
> touch on.
> + What does the project need to "have legs"?
> + Future project sustainability
> + Strategy for development community (desktop and server)
> + Strategy for the user community
> Ideas/Topics for discussion:
> + Do we change the organization's name to Chandler Project Foundation?
> + What do we do with "internal lists"?
> + Do we merge Cosmo and Chandler-dev lists?
> + IRC channels
> + Do we resurrect the IRC office hours?
> + What is our ongoing strategy for the blog?
> 	+ Announcements, releases
> 	+ Community blog posts: e.g. user stories, feedback, 5 parcels
> submitted by volunteer developer
> + What's our strategy and process with bugzilla going forward?
> 	+ What do we do with the 1.0 candidates list?
> + What's going to trigger a Desktop and Server release to get done?
> 	+ What's the process?
> 	+ What's the strategy for getting volunteers to take this over?
> + How are we going to track progress on the rearchitecture?
> + ...???
> Cheers,
> Sheila
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