[chandler-users] Language support (was: Cannot create note containing "29/11-30/11" in the quick entry bar)

Drew Jensen drewjensen.inbox at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 01:50:15 PST 2008

Fritz Meissner wrote:
> See Change date/time formats under Getting started on the wiki. You can find
> it here :
> http://chandlerproject.org/Projects/GetStarted#Change%20Date/Time%20Formats%20and%20Wee
> I would say that your entry should not cause a crash - data that it thinks
> is incorrect might be rejected, or misinterpreted, but it should be handled
> gracefully, so this definitely sounds like a bug.

Howdy Fritz,

I was able to duplicate both the crash and then to stop it by changing 
my language setting to en_gb vs my default of en_us.

However I do have another question - a simple one I suppose.

For example, I tired the following base languages, fr, de, es, pt, jp 
via the command line option --locale.

French and German seem to have support under Chanlder UI.
Spanish and Portuguese simply use an English UI.
jp meanshile crashes the application before the start screen on my machine.

- so -

Where are the supported languages listed?

Thanks much,


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