[chandler-users] [UAG] [Proposal] Web Forum for Chandler Users

Drew Jensen drewjensen.inbox at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 08:11:41 PST 2008

Hello list,

To add my couple of cents to the discussion. I can really only speak 
from my personal experiences over the past four years with another FOSS 
community, in which I am active both on the mailing lists and (one of) 
the end user oriented web forums and add/update the odd wiki page now 
and then. In the case of the web forum I am one of the founders and 
currently a site adimn.

First, I'll try to stay to the question, "Email list vs Web forum?", and 
leave the Wiki on the table for the moment as I assume it is a given.

IMO, chances are the correct answer is, or will be in time, "Email list 
& Web forum". Why?

Well, because one size never really fits all does it.

So I think the real question then is the makeup of the user base, or 
expected user base, as much as, or more then, the particular delivery 

Let me put it another way - again in this thread, 'Hobo' was mentioned - 
great, that has to do with Ruby on Rails doesn't it - now I am not at 
all surprised this person prefers email lists, but what about a person 
for whom 'ruby' is a gem, 'rails' are something a train runs on, and a 
'hobo' is an uninvited traveler on said train. Would one expect these 
two individuals to have the same preferences for a support venue? I 
rather think not.

Here is a rather simplistic (no doubt overly so) mapping:

Lists = Developers (core and plug-in ); 'geeky' segment of users
Wiki = Documentation, End User  & Developer; Collaborative design sessions
Forum = casual users of the application, less 'computer' savvy overall

Someone said here that the addition of a web forum would be, 'just 
another place to check then' - yes, that's true I suppose, but my 
experience has been that *most* people will use one or the other not 
both. Each (list vs forum) will most likely develop a separate set of 
users and each a separate core of 'responders' - meaning those 
individuals that tend to respond to questions vs pose questions. 
However, this smaller group of responders are also the people most 
likely to use both resources, the list and the forum.

I think I'll leave it at that for the moment - perhaps a few more 
thoughts later today.

Till later,

Drew ( just an old Geek ) Jensen

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