[chandler-users] shared collection conflicts

lajos kamocsay panka.lists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 09:25:58 PST 2008

Hello Mimi,

Thanks for your reply.

All items from her collection had conflicts.

I did not empty the trash after deleting the subscription. That might be why
the conflicts kept showing up.

All the conflicts said that they were edited bu "subscriber." I figured that
must be me so I discarded all of them.

The conflicts were obviously her changes (we figure that out after her items
reverted to older states upon my actions ;) I'm still confused as to why
chandler did not automatically apply her updates to the items on my machine.


On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 1:49 PM, Mimi Yin <mimi at osafoundation.org> wrote:

> Hi Lajos,
> May I ask a few questions to understand better what happened?
> Did you see conflicts on *all* your items? Or a subset of your items?
> Did you empty your trash in Chandler after deleting your collection? (I
> always forget to do that.) If you don't actually delete the items from the
> Trash collection, Chandler will figure out that the items in the Trash
> collection = the items you just subscribed to and continue to try and
> "protect" your local version of the items from conflict changes it receives
> via sync.
> When you say you deleted the conflicts, how did you do so? From the
> conflict resolution dialog, by pressing the [Discard] button?
> Did you recognize that the conflicts were indeed changes your wife had
> made? If you discard her conflicts, then your Chandler will sync the version
> of the item you have locally to the server. And when your wife syncs, her
> changes will get overwritten by your version of the item (because you
> resolved the conflict for both of you).
> Assuming my theory about emptying the Trash is correct, in the future, if
> you want to accept her changes, then click [Apply] in the conflict
> resolution dialog. If you want to start fresh, delete the collection, empty
> the items from the Trash and re-subscribe.
> Hope that helps,
> Mimi
> On Nov 4, 2008, at 1:07 PM, lajos kamocsay wrote:
> Hello,
> My wife published her todo lcollection and I have subscribed to the
> editable link on the hub.
> Something happened and on my computer there were a whole bunch of
> conflicts.
> I wanted to make sure that her stuff won't get messed up, so first I
> unsubscribed, deleted the
> collection from my computer and resubscribed, but the conflicts stayed no
> matter how many
> times we synced both machines.
> So I decided to delete all the conflicts on my computer because the
> conflicts said that the
> changes were made by a subscriber. Unfortunately deleting the conflicts
> actually deleted her
> changes on her computer.
> Couple things I don't understand:
>  - why did her changes not sync to my computer and show up as conflicts? (i
> have not made any changes to her list and all items had conflicts)
>  - why did the conflicts show up even after deleting her collection from my
> machine and resubscribing?
>  - why did the conflicts say that they were made by a subscriber?
> Thanks,
> -lajos
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