[chandler-users] Making sure new users get replies to questions...

Andre Mueninghoff andre_mueninghoff at fastmail.fm
Fri May 30 13:25:57 PDT 2008

Option 2 is how the list originally worked. And, since in Desktop 
Chandler, menu option Help > Ask for Help sends an email to the 
chandler-users list, it seems appropriate to me to go with Option 2.

Mimi Yin wrote:
> *That being said, we have a few options in front of us:*
> 1. Leave the behavior as is and enthusiastically (and most probably, 
> repeatedly) encourage everyone to be wary of sending replies directly to 
> new people.
> 2. Remove "reply-to: chandler-users at osaf..." for the Users-List. This 
> means that when you hit "Reply", the default behavior will be to respond 
> *only* to the "sender". "Reply-all" will include both the "sender" and 
> "chandler-users".

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