[chandler-users] [possible bug] Problem with ICS file import

Andre Mueninghoff andre_mueninghoff at fastmail.fm
Thu May 29 20:24:54 PDT 2008

Hi Jeffrey,

What bug would you suggest be filed, an index bug or a "successful" 
import of an illegal ical file bug, or both?

Thanks for the explanation. Now I know why after importing that ical 
file, Chandler created a collection with only one item in it even though 
there were three VEVENT records in it.


Jeffrey Harris wrote:
> Hi Andre,
>> FYI...There seems to be another issue potentially. When I import the 
>> small file (attached again to this message) that I clipped from 
>> Peter's file with only the addition of several UID: tags, I get this 
>> Index Error in the repository. Tools > Repository > Check and Repair 
>> will repair the error.
> I'm not sure exactly what's going wrong here, but adding those empty UID 
> tags is even more illegal than not having any UID, so you're unlikely to 
> cause this without trying hard.
> UID stands for Unique ID.  UIDs need to be unique for each VEVENT, or 
> the file will be read as re-defining the same event (overwriting the 
> previous) over and over.  They're also not supposed to be empty.
> Still, if there's an index problem that's reproducible it's worth 
> tracking down, since that shouldn't happen.
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey

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