[chandler-users] Feature Suggestion/Request - Note versioning

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Wed May 28 14:55:30 PDT 2008

Hi Jos,

Some form of versioning or history is something I'd really like to  
see in Chandler as well. Not sure if you have already discovered  
this, but there is currently a way to look at previous versions of an  
item (though it is not pretty ;).

- Simply select the item and hit F4 (Fn-F4 on Mac)
- A rather complicated representation of your item will open in your  
web browser. In the upper right-hand corner is navigation that allows  
you to inspect previous versions of the item.


On May 26, 2008, at 8:34 AM, Jos Yule wrote:

> I've been thinking (and thinking and thinking) about how Chandler  
> is a "the note to self organizer" (nice tag line). My interest is  
> in how it relates to the concept of a wiki. One thing that i think  
> is missing from the note field, especially in light of the fact  
> that a shared item can be updated from potentially many other  
> participants, is the idea of versioning for the contents of an  
> item. There are many times when i want to be able to go back and  
> see what i had written X days ago, in regard to an outline that  
> several of us might be working on via Chandler. There are other use- 
> cases for this, even when i'm working on something personally.
> I've found that i simply move the content into a Google-doc now,  
> and share the doc with other interested parties (it has versioning  
> built-in). And perhaps that is where it should live, rather then  
> bloat the DB with potentially 100's of diffs/versions of notes.
> I thought i'd throw this out there, and see if any other Chandler  
> users have felt the desire for the ability to view previous  
> versions of notes...
> Thanks!
> jos
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