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Sheila Mooney sheila at osafoundation.org
Tue May 27 10:37:00 PDT 2008


Yes, Chandler is not an email client. Continuing to build out email  
functionality is one of our goals for cultivating a healthy developer  

Sorry you are disappointed with what the project has become. OSAF  
never claimed to be an Outlook competitor, though others certainly  
made the comparison. Even so, it's been several years since we've  
talked about Chandler as a straight-up email client and it's been a  
challenge to set the record straight so-to-speak on what the project  
is and isn't.

We certainly do not feel the project is a waste of time and we have  
many users who are finding it highly valuable today in tandem with  
their email clients, including myself. We have been posting a series  
of user stories on our blog and I encourage you to read through them  
to see how others are using the product despite the lack of email  



On May 27, 2008, at 12:37 AM, Ian Jermyn wrote:

> Dear Chandler,
> I think either you or I must have taken leave of our senses. After
> promising early on a free version of something like Outlook, but with
> better thought-out capacities for organizing and combining
> information, including peer-to-peer sharing, all within a few years,
> you now, many years on, have produced a piece of software that
> apparently will only download emails sent from other instances of that
> same piece of software, and that never expects to 'replace your
> full-featured email client'. Is this really true? If so, it renders
> the entire project a waste of time from my point of view. I am very
> disappointed, especially since the rest of the programme is rather
> good.
> Yours,
> Ian.
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> Ian Jermyn
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