[chandler-users] A few bugs and issues

Ben Listwon ben at involutionstudios.com
Thu May 22 19:30:38 PDT 2008

Hiya Travis,

That's what I get for assuming my week old copy was current ;)

Just looked back at the downloads page and saw that you folks rev'ed  
it on the 19th. That's why I probably missed it. I'll go ahead and  
perform an upgrade and we'll be on the same page.

Double-checked the Desktop client to be sure too, so I'll go ahead and  
make sure everyone is on 0.7.6, just in case the problem was a  


On May 21, 2008, at 9:19 PM, Travis Vachon wrote:

>>> In the mean time you can use the 0.15.1 web ui to generate the  
>>> links you're looking for. Simply log in to the account that owns  
>>> the collection in question, click the downward facing triangle  
>>> next to the collection name in the left sidebar and click on the  
>>> Invite button.
>> Only thing I see in the web UI, next to the collection name, is a  
>> colored-in graphic with an italicized "i". When I click that, I get  
>> a popup which allows me to choose a variety of subscription choices  
>> ( Chandler Desktop, Apple iCal, etc ). Choosing Chandler Desktop  
>> yields the same URL.
> Hmm, this sounds like the 0.14 web ui. 0.15 was just released, are  
> you sure that's what you're running? If so, it sounds like something  
> went wrong in the install process. Did you grab the server here:
> http://downloads.osafoundation.org/cosmo/releases/0.15.1/
> or from subversion?
> -Travis
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