[chandler-users] A few bugs and issues

Travis Vachon travis at osafoundation.org
Wed May 21 21:19:56 PDT 2008

>> In the mean time you can use the 0.15.1 web ui to generate the  
>> links you're looking for. Simply log in to the account that owns  
>> the collection in question, click the downward facing triangle next  
>> to the collection name in the left sidebar and click on the Invite  
>> button.
> Only thing I see in the web UI, next to the collection name, is a  
> colored-in graphic with an italicized "i". When I click that, I get  
> a popup which allows me to choose a variety of subscription choices  
> ( Chandler Desktop, Apple iCal, etc ). Choosing Chandler Desktop  
> yields the same URL.

Hmm, this sounds like the 0.14 web ui. 0.15 was just released, are you  
sure that's what you're running? If so, it sounds like something went  
wrong in the install process. Did you grab the server here:


or from subversion?


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