[chandler-users] A few bugs and issues

Ben Listwon ben at involutionstudios.com
Wed May 21 20:09:27 PDT 2008

On May 21, 2008, at 7:49 PM, Travis Vachon wrote:

> Hi Ben
> Ah, I was assuming you were using the web ui, so my recommendations/ 
> thoughts were all off base.

No worries.

> The problem appears to be that the desktop client isn't creating any  
> tickets on that collection. How was that collection created (from  
> the desktop, from the web ui, etc)? How did the collection come to  
> be in the desktop client you're using (created from that client,  
> subscribed using the Subscribe dialog, etc)?

I have tested with collections that were created in the web client, as  
well as the desktop client. I double-checked that the subscribe URL in  
the collection popup on the web, and the invite popup on the desktop  
are in fact generating the same URL, which they are. The subscriber  
that was trying to use that URL was creating the subscription through  
the desktop client, but I will have someone help me test through the  
web tomorrow as well.

> I'm not as familiar with the desktop code/behavior so I might need  
> to defer to one of the desktop devs here, but they should respond  
> within the next day or so.

No worries.

> In the mean time you can use the 0.15.1 web ui to generate the links  
> you're looking for. Simply log in to the account that owns the  
> collection in question, click the downward facing triangle next to  
> the collection name in the left sidebar and click on the Invite  
> button.

Only thing I see in the web UI, next to the collection name, is a  
colored-in graphic with an italicized "i". When I click that, I get a  
popup which allows me to choose a variety of subscription choices  
( Chandler Desktop, Apple iCal, etc ). Choosing Chandler Desktop  
yields the same URL.

One thing I did notice is that the link icon in that dialog (the blue  
circle one) heads to:

versus the invite one:

So, is the url schema with "mc" the correct one, or should the "pim"  
one be the one that is sent around?

Thanks for all your help and timely responses.


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