[chandler-users] A few bugs and issues

Ben Listwon ben at involutionstudios.com
Wed May 21 19:03:34 PDT 2008

Heya Travis,

Was having trouble getting mails from the list, so hopefully this will  
go back in the thread properly. Seems configured okay now.

Anyways. The bug below is in the Chandler Desktop. If you select  
invite from the menu, or from right-click on the collection, the  
dialog that pops has only one URL, like so:

Give out the URL(s) below to invite others to subscribe to 'McAfee':

View and Edit:


> Hi Ben
> Thanks for getting in touch.
> >
> > ------------------------------------------
> > Biggest Issue - Sharing Collections
> > ------------------------------------------
> > BUG #1: The first bug here is that when you choose invite, you only
> > see the view-and-edit
> > link, there is no view-only link.
> >
> What browser are you using when you do this?
> (I'll let other folks respond to your other questions, as they can
> probably help more than I can)
> -Travis

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