[chandler-users] Chandler as a tray-icon and quick-entry of data via keyboard shortcuts and quick-entry dialog

Andre Mueninghoff andre_mueninghoff at fastmail.fm
Wed May 21 17:18:43 PDT 2008

That's it, Mimi, a place to drop in the many tidbits of info, new 
potential projects, tasks, phone numbers, etc., that all well eventually 
have a more formal home in Chandler, but, for now, at least are in the 

I agree with Marcelo also that some kind of quick-entry widget on the 
desktop would be useful also. The reality remains that the full desktop 
Chandler app can be a little "sleepy" in performance at the most 
inconvenient moment.

Short of a Google Desktop widget for this, I have used Jeffrey's iGoogle 
Quick Entry widget for effectively the same purpose. I'm not up on the 
plumbing, but perhaps it is only an incremental lift to clone a Google 
Desktop widget from the iGoogle widget...maybe a "Chandler Everywhere" 
strategy.  :)


Mimi Yin wrote:
> Hi Marcelo,
> Andre has been using the new "Independent Detail View" feature (coming 
> in 0.7.6) as a hack for what you're describing below. He has 1 item open 
> in a separate window all the time that he calls his "Bucket Item".
> You can create multiple new items with this technique, but you can have 
> a holding area of sorts to put stuff temporarily without having to go to 
> the main Chandler interface.
> (Andre, correct me if I'm incorrectly describing what you're doing.)
> Mimi
> On May 9, 2008, at 7:28 AM, Marcelo de Moraes Serpa wrote:
>> Long subject uh? :)
>> It would be really cool and useful if you could keep Chandler 
>> minimized, as a "tray-icon" with a context popup menu to maximize the 
>> full interface again (and other commands maybe) should you need to 
>> organize your collections or do something more complex, if you just 
>> needed to input some data, you could configure keyboard shortcuts for 
>> quick-entry of notes and tasks (and pre-configure to which collection 
>> each keyboard shortcut would get the task to).
>> Keep up the great work,
>> Marcelo.
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