[chandler-users] Item won't stay in triage

William K. Volkman wkvchandler at netshark.com
Wed May 21 15:34:21 PDT 2008

	I'm running my own local Cosmo server (0.14.0, the bug fixes didn't
seem that important) and mostly I use the desktop interface.  Yesterday
I thought it would be a good idea to publish all of my collections to
the server thinking that I could get them backed up and that in the
future I might look at accessing them remotely.

Now I have an item, that keeps popping back up.  The initial item was
created last week with an alarm time of yesterday.  Yesterday I changed
the alarm time to be Friday.  Today it keeps showing up in the upper
section with a modified flag.  I triage it back into the later section,
sync, and then next sync period it comes back up.  I can't give you the
data but what do you want me to look at?


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