[chandler-users] dashboard calendar

Jos Yule lists at theorganization.net
Wed May 21 09:56:20 PDT 2008

I also now get a dashboard / calendar view when in the dashboard 
collection and click on the calendar menu button. This is version 0.7.6 
Windows XP sp2.


Grant Baillie wrote:
> Hi, Rick
> That's weird ... For me, clicking the Calendar toolbar button with the 
> Dashboard selected gives me a triage table. This has been true under 
> various circumstances, e.g. after reloading data, after creating new 
> repository, relaunching without reloading, etc.
> So, I'm having trouble figuring out how you could be getting into that 
> state ... if you have any ideas on how to reproduce, let me know. Also, 
> is anyone else seeing this?
> --Grant
> On 20 May, 2008, at 13:17, Rick Rawson wrote:
>> Grant,
>> To see the Dashboard calendar, I simply selected the Calendar toolbar 
>> button and, voila, a calendar showed up where I had previously only 
>> seen a triage table. I didn't know there was a "Select View..." option 
>> on the Tools menu...so I played around with it. Interesting...
>> So, reading between the lines of your email, there has been a 
>> Dashboard calendar since 0.7.2 but I did not see it until today (one 
>> day after installing 0.7.6) because "Tools >> Select View...Triage 
>> View" was always selected. When I installed 0.7.6 yesterday, I did not 
>> intentionally select "Calendar View" on the Tools menu, so it must 
>> have been selected by default. Then, when I chose the Calendar toolbar 
>> button, I saw a calendar rather than a table for the first time. But 
>> without display of recurring events. :)
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