[chandler-users] dashboard calendar

Grant Baillie grant at osafoundation.org
Wed May 21 09:54:03 PDT 2008

Hi, Rick

That's weird ... For me, clicking the Calendar toolbar button with the  
Dashboard selected gives me a triage table. This has been true under  
various circumstances, e.g. after reloading data, after creating new  
repository, relaunching without reloading, etc.

So, I'm having trouble figuring out how you could be getting into that  
state ... if you have any ideas on how to reproduce, let me know.  
Also, is anyone else seeing this?


On 20 May, 2008, at 13:17, Rick Rawson wrote:

> Grant,
> To see the Dashboard calendar, I simply selected the Calendar  
> toolbar button and, voila, a calendar showed up where I had  
> previously only seen a triage table. I didn't know there was a  
> "Select View..." option on the Tools menu...so I played around with  
> it. Interesting...
> So, reading between the lines of your email, there has been a  
> Dashboard calendar since 0.7.2 but I did not see it until today (one  
> day after installing 0.7.6) because "Tools >> Select View...Triage  
> View" was always selected. When I installed 0.7.6 yesterday, I did  
> not intentionally select "Calendar View" on the Tools menu, so it  
> must have been selected by default. Then, when I chose the Calendar  
> toolbar button, I saw a calendar rather than a table for the first  
> time. But without display of recurring events. :)

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