[chandler-users] Separate item window doesn't seem to be working

Grant Baillie grant at osafoundation.org
Wed May 21 08:27:43 PDT 2008

On 20 May, 2008, at 10:26, Grant Baillie wrote:

> On 20 May, 2008, at 09:00, Drew Jensen wrote:
>> ...
>> Had the same problem under Ubuntu 8.04 - however the separate  
>> window does open properly if you do so using the main menu item.   
>> 'View>Separate Item in Window'
>> The icon on the main page and context menus did not seem to work.
>> Under Windows all seems to work, click the icon, popup menu and  
>> main menu...as usual...LOL
> Interesting ... sounds like a Ubuntu-specific problem with the  
> context menu, as it also works on the Mac. I'm not sure whether it  
> works on Gutsy (Ubuntu 7), though. I'll have a look. (IIRC, there  
> are some other Linux-specific context menu bugs we've worked around  
> in the code, so maybe this one is similar).

The context menu does not work on Ubuntu 7.10, either. I poked around  
a little, but didn't see anything obvious ... I filed a bug about this:



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