[chandler-users] Starred vs. tasks

Benjamin Wilreker starvada at yahoo.com
Tue May 20 13:11:34 PDT 2008

Hi Guys,

I just want to toss in about the whole "starred" item thing.  Once I 
figured out what the change of "task" to "starred item" was, I stopped 
using it entirely.  I don't object to it existing, I just couldn't 
figure out a way to use it productively.  The idea of using it for 
emphasis was redundant, because my collections are organized by emphasis 
- in other words, everything in certain collections (with names like 
"priority tasks") would be starred, while everything in other 
collections (with names like "someday")  would not be starred.  A simple 
binary 0-1 sort of switch is inadequate for my emphasis needs.

I also don't really need a "task" button, because in my scheme anything 
that is not marked as something else (contact, calendar item) is by 
default a task.

On the other hand, I can entirely sympathize with the guys who are 
saying, "hey! if I'm going to export my stuff routinely to another 
software, and that software interprets chandler starred items as tasks, 
for sake of consistency, I am bound to star=task, no matter what it's 
called, or how I would like to use it in chandler."

The Star gains me nothing, and costs me nothing; clearly others do not 
feel the same way.  As a counterpoint, can someone post a protocol on 
how they have successfully used the "star"?



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